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Innovation + Experience

With over a decade of embedded systems experience, Effective Embedded's extensive history in real-time and embedded Linux operating systems includes driver development for protocols such as USB, I2C, SPI, MIPI CSI/DSI, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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Requirement Definition

The first step in bringing an idea to life. Each feature is designed, reviewed, and estimated before development to ensure traceability. 

Platform Development

From real-time to custom Linux operating systems, a strong architecture is key in a robust design.

​Feature Development

Every feature goes through a process from definition to demonstration. Hearing the voice of the customer is essential in delivering an easy-to-use product. 

​& Testing

All software is tested through unit tests and custom applications to automate the release process and ensure the highest quality is delivered. 

Quality + Efficiency

At Effective Embedded, diversity of environments and protocols is as important to us as the quality we bring to them. We are proficient in embedded C/C++ with experience in other programming languages such as QML, Python, C#, and JavaScript.  We utilize a wide array of development tools such as Qt, VS Code, Google Test, Coverity, MATLAB, GIT, and Continuous Integration tools.

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Owner + Founder

Driven by relationships and an endless quest for developing quality embedded systems, Matthew employs a wide array of development tools and extensive hands-on experience troubleshooting hardware.